Lawyer Up when you Need to Sell a Home in Probate

While it is not a happy subject when you need to sell a home in probate, it’s important for everyone to consider what death in the family would mean for them. Specifically, the now deceased family member’s real estate is of primary importance, as it is most likely the most valuable asset owned by them.

As Attorney-Brokers, your team at Lawyer Up Real Estate will help you and your family through this tough time manage the legal paperwork to sell a home in probate and make things as simple for you as possible.

If you already have an Estate Planning Attorney or Probate attorney, a Lawyer Up Attorney will work seamlessly with your Estate Planning attorney to sell a home in probate. Since all parties fully understand the law and the process, you can rest assured there will be an efficient and quality outcome.

In Washington, whenever the estate is valued at over $100,000, it must go through a process called probate. This is where all parties who may have a financial interest in the now deceased person’s assets get proper notification so that everyone has a fair chance to make claims and settle the estate without controversy (if possible).

A Smooth Transaction for Difficult Times

Your Lawyer Up Attorney-Brokers will work with you to strategize a custom plan that will allow flexibility and efficiency to sell a home in probate. Our teammates will help you understand timelines, expectations, and be transparent on cost as possible with our flat-fee approach.

As is the case with many sales of a deceased loved one’s home, it can be an emotional time, and having the advice of a trusted attorney, where a flat-fee will be paid for selling a home in probate, can be a relief. It’s way better than being at the mercy of a traditional broker who is chasing a high commission.

Having an understanding of the law of Washington, and being able to communicate efficiently with the courts, other attorneys, and agents alike, Lawyer Up Real Estate is best positioned to assist you and your loved ones with a probate real estate transaction.

If you live in Washington State and need assistance with selling a home in probate give Lawyer Up Real Estate a call at 206-682-7975 to get the counsel you need.