Sell a Home in Probate

Real Estate in ProbateA death in the family is one of the hardest times for loved ones. What makes it even more difficult is when families have to deal with paperwork and legal issues for the deceased and don’t know where to start.

Probate is the process of appointing a personal representative to notify creditors, pay debts, transfer and liquidate assets of the estate, and it allows a forum for family members to contest a will or the division of assets.  In Washington state, any person who passes away with more than $100,000 in assets must go through the probate process.  In many cases this means that the person who passed away (“The Decedent”) owned real estate which needs to be transferred or sold to pay creditors and the remaining proceeds are to be split between heirs in accordance with the terms of the decedents will or subject to the state laws in intestacy if a person did not have a will.

How Can Richard Symmes Help?

As a practicing probate attorney, Richard Symmes is well versed in the probate process and understand the unique circumstances of selling a property that also must go through a probate.  If you need assistance in filing and administering a probate case with the court in your county, our partner firm Symmes Law Group, PLLC can assist you with all of your probate needs.  We also are in a unique position to work with any other legal professional that you have selected to handle your probate matter with regards to selling real estate on behalf of your probate estate.

Why Is Hiring Richard Symmes Better than Hiring another Real Estate Broker When Dealing with a Probate Matter?

Most real estate agents assist consumers with buying and selling real estate, however their knowledge of the law and the probate process is extremely limited. Richard Symmes understands this process and will be able to affectively communicate the unique circumstances of the estate sale to potential buyers which may include setting realistic expectations for closing dates, explaining how a probate process works and emphasizing that all sales may be subject to court approval in the probate process.  For this reason it is important that all sales contracts include language to protect the estate as sellers to emphasize that all sales may be subject to court approval.

Richard Symmes is part of your team who works in conjunction with your probate lawyer.  Understanding the laws and process is important and your probate lawyer will appreciate working with professionals who are intimately familiar with the probate process and can easily provide your probate attorney with the information they need from the start of the probate process to make your transaction go smoothly.

If you live in Washington State and need assistance selling real estate as part of probate process, give Richard Symmes a call at 206-326-1858 to get the counsel you need.