Buying a Home With Richard Symmes and EXP Realty

buying a homeToday’s real estate buyers are just like you. They are more educated, more involved and more hands on than ever before. Often browsing online websites such as Redfin, Zillow and Trulia to find the perfect home and only need assistance with submitting an offer and if successful closing the transaction. Buying a home with Richard Symmes gets you an expert negotiator relying on years of experience as an attorney cutting deals with the biggest banks for loan modifications, settling second mortgages for less than the full balance and completing short sales among other deals involving real estate.  These same skills are utilizing in negotiating with a seller of real estate to ensure you get the best terms when closing on your perfect home.  The best part is that the real estate seller will pay Richard Symmes the buyers commission in all MLS deals.

So How Does Buying a Home With Richard Symmes Work?

(1) When you contact Richard Symmes you will be able to have your general questions answered by Richard Symmes and then you may schedule  a phone or office consultation with Richard Symmes and/or one of our affiliated EXP brokers to answer more specific questions about your real estate goals and needs.

(2) If you decide to engage Richard Symmes in accordance with purchasing real estate, Richard Symmes or one of our affiliated EXP brokers will accompany you to properties in which you would like to view.

(3) Richard Symmes will communicate with you throughout the process and advise you on the best strategy and negotiations thereafter to get your offer accepted by a seller. If you decide to make an offer on a property Richard Symmes will prepare a purchase and sales contract subject to seller acceptance complete with advisable addendums and important contingencies including financing.

(4) Once an offer is accepted Richard Symmes will assist you in scheduling an inspection, reviewing closing documents and answering any follow questions you may have until you close on your property.

If you live in the Seattle metro area and need assistance with buying a home, give lawyer up real estate a call at 206-326-1858 to get the counsel you need.

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