Get Express Cash Offers On Your Property

What is an Express Offer?

Through my association with EXP Realty I have access to a market place of institutional investors (iBuyers) who want to make offers on your home if they meet the specific criteria they are looking for.

How Much Can I Expect to Receive for My Home?

IBuyers will typically pay 70-80% of the after repair value for your home. The after repair value is estimated based on the current market after your home has been fixed up and repaired post sale. This value may be higher than the current value of your home if it needs a lot of work.

Is There a Cost for Receiving an Offer from an ibuyer?

No. You can decide whether you want to accept an offer on your home or not. If you do accept an offer, then your listing broker Richard Symmes will receive a commission that will be discussed in your initial listing paperwork. There will be no commission paid to the buyer as they are not utilizing a buyers agent.

Can I Receive an Express Offer Without an Agent?

Unfortunately no. This program is only available through EXP affiliated brokers who are certified to submit express offers for clients. This allows you to be represented during your transaction so you don’t have to worry about the details.

If I own a property that is occupied Can I Receive an Express Offer?

Yes. This is not a factor. Many of the iBuyers have flexible closing time frames and will consider allowing homeowners or tenants stay in the properties post closing for an agreed upon fee.

Can I receive an Express offer on a Probate Property?

Yes as long as there is no court intervention required.

Can I Receive an Express Offer on a Short Sale Property Where i Owe More Than My Home is Worth?

It’s possible as long as the after repair value would fit into the iBuyers 70-80% after repair value that they want to offer.

Why Should I Consider Receiving an Express Offer?

Express offers allows you to sell your home quickly, get a competitive cash offer at no cost, skips the hassle of listing, staging and showing and you don’t need to wait for bank approved buyers who may back out of deals because of contingencies. While Express offers is not best for every situation, it is the easiest and most time efficient way to sell a home.

For example lets say your home needs repairs and you don’t have the funds or time to get your home MLS ready into pristine condition. Express Offers will save you time and you will be represented throughout the entire process by a licensed real estate broker, not having to rely on wholesalers knocking on your door trying to get the best prices they can without you having somebody to review the terms on what might be one of the biggest financial decisions of your life.