Sell Your Home With Richard Symmes and EXP Realty

Sell Your Home

When you contact Richard Symmes, we will provide you with options including providing you with a complete market analysis and reasonable expectations if you decide to list your property on the MLS and what it will take to maximize the full value and get the most profit in your pocket at the closing of your real estate sale.   

How Does Selling a Home Work with Richard Symmes?

Free Advising Session: You will schedule a time to speak with Richard Symmes and or an affiliated EXP broker at our office or at your property and we will gather important information about you, your goals and your home in which to best advise you.

Gain Perspective: Now that you have provided information about your property, we will present you with a prepared a market analysis of recent property sales in your neighborhood, present options and referrals for maximizing the sale price of your property and getting it as move in ready as possible to attract as many buyers as possible.  If you are looking for a quick sale, we can also discuss marketing the property to real estate investors however this approach may not net as much for you at closing.

Richard Symmes will take special care to understand needs and gather as much information as needed so that we can provide the best recommendations at the next step of the process. You will also be presented with optional add ons to make your listing as appealing as possible such as staging, professional photo’s, virtual tours or even estate sale or junk hauling professionals that can assist you in a probate sale.  

If your property has underlying legal processes to consider such as probate, divorce or short sale, these will also be discussed at this time

Hire the Best: If you sign a listing agreement with Richard Symmes we will assist you in completing any add on contractor work such as home improvements, yard work, staging, photos, or a virtual tour should you want to include these additional services as part of your professional listing.  Once a plan of action is implemented and the home is ready for listing, Richard Symmes will market and field offers for your property by listing it on the MLS, providing the listing to our broker and real estate investor network to make sure the property has maximum exposure to generate the highest offer possible.  

The Difference Maker – Having a Managing Real Estate Broker with Attorney Negotiating Experience: Once your property is listed on the MLS, an open house will be scheduled and our network of investors will be notified.  After about a week we can start evaluating offers that may come in to purchase the property unless it makes sense to accept an offer earlier.

Richard Symmes will go over all possible offers and advise you of the strengths and weaknesses of the offers and whether it makes sense to make a counter offer or ask for terms to be amended as part of the offers.  Some of these offers are likely to come with contingencies such as financing, inspection or a feasibility period which would take the property off the market if accepted.  It is important to understand what these contingencies mean and when it is advisable to accept an offer with contingencies.

Review of All Closing Documents and Scheduling Escrow: Once an offer is received and accepted, Richard Symmes will prepare the transaction for closing and contact an escrow company to get them started on preparing all of the closing documents and any earnest money received will be deposited with escrow. During this time the buyer may schedule a home inspection, conduct a feasibility study or obtain the necessary financing.

Your sales agreement should list a closing date and we can schedule this date with the escrow company so that you can sign all closing docs on or before the sales date.  Once all parties have signed the closing docs, you will receive your proceeds from the sale. If there is any issues with one party not closing on a transaction we would have to review the contract and determine next steps and whether you would be entitled to earnest money provided by a buyer or not.

We are with You Until the End: Richard Symmes will be available to you until closing and escrow have completely transferred all assets and title has been recorded in the new owner’s name with the county.

If you live in the Seattle metro area and need assistance with selling a home, give Richard Symmes a call at 206-326-1858 to get the assistance you need.

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